1. 25.9.2013, 16:30–17:30
      Design Debate | Bio-design & Health: science kindergarten?

    2. Design Debate with Agatha Haines, Karin Spaink and Mary Ann Schreurs! This debate takes place in the Design House, Eindhoven.

    3. Can we prolong human life with design interventions in organs? This question inspired Agatha Haines to re-design babies. She set to work changing the form and function of human organs, using the human body as material for experimentation. The project raised a debate on the ethical implications of mutating the human body. How much can you ‘tweak’ the body without being held back by public opinion? This debate will look beyond the ethical debate and concentrate on the potential role of design as a groundbreaking discipline for science. Biodesign is becoming increasingly important in the design field, but is it also relevant for science?

      Designhuis, Stadhuisplein 3, 5611 EM Eindhoven [google maps]

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