• William Myers presented at Mediamatic's Bio Industry project

    1. Last week William Myers, curator of the Biodesign exhibition in Het Nieuwe Instituut, presented at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. He talked about micro-organisms in design at the first event in a series that are part of the project Mediamatic Bio Industry. For this project Mediamatic has launched a broad techno-cultural lab to explore the possibilities of fungal material for design. 

    2. The event 'Fungal economics and micro-organisms in design' took place on December 12 2013 at Mediamatic. William Myers talked about the next step beyond biology-inspired approaches to design: incorporating (living) organisms in design and about the Biodesign exhbition. At the event Toby Kiers, associate professor of Evolutionary Biology at VU University Amsterdam, showed how we can learn from plants and fungi as pioneers of the free market economy. More information about the event and Mediamatic Bio Industry project can be found at the Mediamatic Bio Industry Blog.

      Gabrielle Kennedy of Design.nl published a review of the event under the title When Science Meets Design 
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