1. William Myers, the curator of the Biodesign exhibition (on show until 26/1/14) is jury chairman of the Bio Art & Design Award, a price to stimulate experiments between artists and Dutch science centers. The Bio Art & Design Award is a continuation of the Designers & Artists for Genomics Award.

    2. The Bio Art & Design Award is a collaboration between NWO (Dutch Research Council – Earth and Life Sciences, Humanities, The Hague), ZonMW (Medical Research Council, The Hague), MU Artspace (Eindhoven), Waag Society (Amsterdam) and Raamsteeg2 (Leiden). The name Designers and Artists for Genomics Award was used in the years 2010-2013, see also www.da4ga.nl.

      The new call for proposals is now open. Take a chance on winning € 25.000,-  
      More information: http://www.badaward.nl/ 
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